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Beg, Steal or Borrow was formed in early 2013 with a mission to resurrect the music of the iconic bluegrass band Old and in the Way and have since grown into a solid repertoire of original material. Winning three prestigious bluegrass band competitions in Maine, Connecticut and New York, they have been dubbed a “Triple Crown Bluegrass Band” by Bluegrass Today. The group is heading out in the 2020 concert season on the heals of their first full length album of original music titled old mountain time.

Hillside Rounders

Rich Sicely and Mike Sicely, have made music together since they could get their hands around a guitar and started The Young Country Sounds which in 1976 won second place in the Green Mountain Country Music Contest when Rich was just age 13 and Mike 15. As a result the band procured studio time at Suntreadder studios in Sharon, Vermont.  By the time Mike could legally drive they started as the house band at their father Dick Sicely's night club, The Country Cuzzin, where they were backed country acts that would ramble through the area including, Red Sovine, Kitty Wells, Charlie Louvin, and David Dudley. They also met many acts that performed there like Ernest Tubb and The Texas Troubadours, and The Drifting Cowboys. Throughout the years the brothers have had many projects including AZN, and Renegade with their Uncle Ron Sicely. Renegade had much local success including opening for Townes VanZant and touring throughout New England.  

Quality electric guitar player Rich Sicely, was also a member of Coco and The Lonesome Road Band who opened for The Forester Sisters and toured the area. He also opened for Willie Nelson in the southern Vermont based Natalie Cote Band. More Recently Rich recorded with Tom Banjo Azarian on Tom's latest Album.

Jeremy Sicely, his father Mike Sicely, and uncle Rich Sicely are coming out of the wood work with a new band called The Hillside Rounders.Stemming from a long line of folks that have rounded the many hillsides and honky tonks in Vermont. They perform true to the form country and mountain music. This sound has been described as stuff you might hear turning back the country radio dial by 40 years infused with Bluegrass and American Roots Music.  
Jeremy Sicely - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Sicely - Bass
Rich Sicely - Electric Guitar

Past Projects and Collaborations 

Flat Top Trio 

 With a sound deeply rooted in the spirit of real country, traditional, and bluegrass music based around the heartbeat of a Flat Top Guitar, the Trio projects a sound that is unique and timeless.


 The Flat Top Trio has been delighting audiences around Northern Vermont performing their original songs and a range of covers from Traditional to John Prine, and Bluegrass Standards.

In January 2012 The band released a follow up of there self titled EP with a full length album Weekend Musician. This album was recorded by Lane Gibson and also contains live tracks as the Flat Top Four with great northern fiddler Patrick Ross. 

Read Seven Days Album Review By Dan Bolles

​Weekend Musician Review 

Jeremy Sicely - Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Dobro 

Dave Ogrodowczyk - Vocals/Mandolin/Guitar

Jeff Thompson - Upright Bass 


Gold Town

Original Bluegrass outfit based out of Southern Vermont, Gold Town is steeped in traditional music combined with a progressive edge that sets them apart from just your average string band. 


Creative songwriting combined with the ability to lay it down country with a George Jones tune or pick all night at a Bluegrass Festival, this band knows how to put on a show. 


Gold Town's self titled full length album released January 2012. 


Gold Town

Andrew Stearns - Guitar/Banjo/Vocals

William Mosheim - Banjo/Vocals/Guitar

Michael Wheeler - Guitar/Vocals

Joshua  Loun - Bass/Vocals


Album Guests 

Bob Stannard - Harmonica - Track 5

Jeremy Sicely - Dobro - Tracks 6 8 11


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The Medicinals

With a repertoire ranging from traditional bluegrass and newgrass to gospel and folk, the Medicinals deliver a hard-driving & soulful acoustic sound.  

The Medicinals released self titled recorded and produced album in 2005. This band occasionally reunites and sometimes emerges as Rye Whiskey. 


The Medicinals - Bluegrass

Ben Werlin - Guitar

Jeff Thompson - Bass

Jen Merriman - Fiddle 

Mike Lorenz - Mandolin   

Jeremy Sicely - Dobro

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